Do you travel to shoot weddings out of your area?

We continue to shoot throughout California. Generally, we cover from Napa (north) to Carmel (south) and from Reno (east) to San Francisco (west). Traveling to new locations is something we enjoy greatly and embrace new photographic opportunities at every turn. Destination weddings are available, please contact us for more details.

What type of deposit do I need to secure my date?

We require a twenty-five percent non-refundable deposit to secure your date. Fifty percent of the total is due seven days before the wedding, with the remaining twenty-five percent due after viewing online proofs. The final product will be sent after receiving the last payment.

What is your style?

Our photography blends the style of modern portraiture with the spontaneity of photojournalism. We want you to feel relaxed and also have fun during your event. Some of our photos are posed, but we work at getting more than just the traditional images.

How many photos will I receive?

A typical wedding yields over 800 images. A portrait session will yield about 125 images per hour of shooting. We do not place a limit on the number of images taken during your event.

What is the turn around time?

All images will be made available for online proofing and print purchase within four weeks of the event. Production time for our finished products such as prints and albums do vary, please call for details.

What size are the image in the low resolution disc?

The images available on our disc of low resolution images are 1800x1200 pixels. This size is perfect for web use as well as making 4x6 or 5x7 prints.

How much does your photography cost?

We have complete wedding collections starting at $4,200. Portrait sessions begin at $300. Please contact us for more details.

Do you Photoshop your images?

Yes and no. We believe Photoshop is a tool and not a crutch, so we do everything possible to take the photograph correctly in the camera so we do not have to use Photoshop. The vast majority of our photographs never require any Photoshop work because of this approach. However, we do use Photoshop as a tool and often plan out complex Photographs that are only possible because of Photoshop.